Who are we?

DJ XX Productions, LLC is a holding company based in central West Virginia. Our goal is to bring business to the small, local communities in the state; not to only lower the poverty level, but to encourage others to shop local and create other businesses. In the end, we want to see West Virginia flurish with local brands that support our local population.


DJ XX Productions, LLC holding

DJ XX first started out as a small disk jockey company by Tyler. He started back in 2012 with a set of old guitar cabinet speakers, a box mixer, and a scratcher. From there, he built it up to have the capability to perform at festivals, events, weddings, and such. Tyler had an incident in the hospital in 2018. He had to give up his the careers he loved, but wasn't quite ready. So, Tyler turned DJ XX Productions, LLC into a holding compnay for many brands to come.

left bracket right bracket in the making

There is a lot of technological talent in the Charleston, WV area, but there are not many development companies in the area. So, why not add one! We are in the works of making this brand.


Kustom Kable Solutions

Kustom Kable is a small business located in Duck, WV, providing custom cable solutions ranging from automotive applications to electronics. A little backstory. Our founder was tired of paying a crazy amount of money for custom cables that, half the time, did not work. So, he started his own company, creating cables in custom lengths with different terminal connectors. Every product that he created, or resold, was tested twice for quality; whether it was new, sealed in the box, or custom created. Ensuring quality like this created a dependable product to provide to his customers. Here at Kustom Kable, we take care of our customers and our community. If you are unsatisfied with our product, we will give you your money back and provide you with a replacement at no cost. Duck, WV, where we are located, is a poverty-stricken area. Purchasing from us allows us to create job opportunities for those in need. We, as a small business, are able to take care of customer escalations and our community at a one-on-one relationship.